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Frequently Asked Questions


Why have a web site?

It is said that there are three important components to a successful business:

        Location--- Location--- Location!

YourCounties.Com can provide your business with an Internet address that your local customers can find easily. You might even be lucky enough to get the exact name of your company!  YourCounties.Com can help you register the name that you choose. That way no one else in the world can use it but you.


Your  web site presence will provide your business with exposure to traffic... and credibility.


How do I get people to go to my web site?

With so many people using the Internet and so many searches being made, how do you get your share of this traffic to your web site?  Search engines! Search engines are employed by directories such as Google, Yahoo, BING, AOL, or Ask  that allow you to search the world-wide-web to find web sites by subject, product, service and geographical location. 


Your web site MUST be included in the major search engines, including key search words (meta-tags) in the underlying code of your web site. If traffic is the main focus of your web site, it is suggested you have your key words submitted to these engines at least every 30 days. YourCounties.Com offers several low-cost search engine submission plans that will generate potential customers or clients to your web site.


How does having a web site add credibility to my business?


Most people have heard the old expression "Who you are speaks so loudly that I can't hear what you are saying." Not having a web site for your customers or clients makes a statement that your business is not tuned into the present.


The Internet is predicted to be the number-one communication media in the immediate future. It is predicted that businesses not having a web site presence will not survive long into the next century. A web site can provide your present customers or clients with information about your business that will be considered an additional service.


The income and educational level of an average internet user is twice that of non-internet users. Businesses with web sites enjoy extra credibility. Conversely, failure to have a web site presence in the near future will cause any business to lose credibility and prestige.


What kind of web site does your company need?

A commercial web site is a web site that can automatically facilitate on-line sales that require no human-to-human contact.

Commercial web sites are operated by companies that are selling products that you can purchase instantly on line with a credit card. Lately, hotels, motels, airlines, travel agencies, car rental companies and other services requiring reservations have been setting up commercial web sites. The obvious advantage is that this on-line order location is open 24 hours a day and does not cost any money to staff. The only expense is the setup, a monthly fee for the servicing of the web changes and the Internet virtual domain host.

The noncommercial web site simply gives as much or as little information to web visitors as provided by the owner of the web site. Most business-persons, such as attorneys, accountants, contractors, insurance agents and others use the informational noncommercial web sites.




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